Personnel selection – cooperation principles
Recruitment with a one-time fee

We help with processes such as personnel selection.

  • We select employees according to the client’s requirements. All you need to do is fill in the employer questionnaire.
  • We prepare all the documents necessary for them to start working legally.
  • Employees are hired directly by the client company. We provide a period of 7 days to replace an employee if he/she proves to be inadequately qualified.
  • If, during the ongoing probationary period, the client cancels further employment of the employee, no fee will be charged.
  • At the end of the ongoing trial period (if there are no complaints from the client), the Employment Agency will invoice the client for the employee recruitment service.

In addition, the scope of the recruitment service includes:

  • analysis of the Projekt Work employment agency database of jobseekers,
  • placement of online and social media announcements,
  • interviewing candidates,
  • selecting the best candidates.

Our recruitment agency makes every effort to prepare the best candidates to work for its clients (personnel selection Poznan Poland). However, given the imperfect nature of recruitment processes, each client benefits from a one-week trial period during which they check the skills of the candidate proposed by the Agency.

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