We offer modern forms of employment, such as employee leasing and outsourcing of services. Undoubtedly, they bring many benefits and prove themselves in unusual situations. These are solutions dedicated to companies in need of seasonal workers or replacement workers during the holiday season. Another example is maternity leave of employee. They are also directed to companies looking for additional people necessary to implement a large project.

Services Outsourcing is also worth taking advantage of when the company is growing, but it cannot yet afford to create additional jobs. Also, when the enlargement of the team would result in exceeding the statutory limits.

Employee leasing and outsourcing is based on the fact that an employee is employed by an employment agency. Not by the company in which he performs his duties. As a result, the employer reduces employment costs. He only pays for the employee’s hours worked (man-hours). Employer also does not bear any other financial obligations. In addition, he avoids aa number of formalities and staff responsibilities. Moreover, he does not organize the recruitment process. Gains the ability to specify a flexible contract period. Additionally he has the opportunity to check the employee before hiring him permanently.

Outsourcing of services

Services outsourcing involves entrusting an external company with tasks for which it takes full responsibility and is accountable for the effect of the work performed. This type of cooperation is based on the provisions of the Civil Code and the service recipient’s staff is subject to supervision and control only by the Employment Agency.

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