We offer you modern forms of employment, such as employee leasing or outsourcing of services. They do bring many benefits and have proven their usefulness in unusual situations. These solutions are dedicated to companies in need of:

  • seasonal workers,
  • employees replacement during the holiday season,
  • during maternity leave,
  • additional people for the implementation of a large project.

It is also worth taking advantage of employee leasing when a company is growing but cannot yet afford to create additional FTEs or when expanding the team would involve exceeding statutory limits.

Leasing and outsourcing of employees consists in the fact that the employee is hired not by the company where he or she performs duties, but by an employment agency. This reduces the employer’s employment costs. The employer pays only for the employee’s hours worked (man-hours) and does not incur any other financial obligations. In addition, it avoids a number of formalities and staffing obligations and does not organise the recruitment process. It gains the possibility to define flexible contract times. In addition, it has the opportunity to test the employee before hiring him/her on a permanent basis.

Employee leasing

Principles of cooperation – Employment Agency:

  • searches for employees according to criteria provided by the client through a questionnaire,
  • handles formalities related to visa, residence and legal employment of foreigners in the Republic of Poland,
  • is the employer for the temporary worker – Agency is responsible for the HR and payroll service,
  • pays the temporary worker’s salary,
  • pays the social security, health insurance, advance income tax and PFRON contributions due for the temporary employee,
  • finds and/or accommodates and pays for the accommodation of temporary workers – optional,
  • helps in:
    • registering the foreigner,
    • choosing a family doctor (GP),
    • opening a bank account for quick and simple payroll settlements,
  • issues a VAT invoice for services to the User Employer, which includes the total expenses of employing Temporary Employees and the agency’s margin,
  • employs under a contract of employment, unless the nature of the work performed allows for employment under a contract of mandate.
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